Welcome to the Homepage of your Glencoe Science Textbooks online!

Follow these instructions to access the student science textbooks.

1.)  Go to the Glencoe Web site.  The address is www.science.glencoe.com
2.)  Click on "Find Your Book Here".
3.)  Select Kentucky.
4.)  Scroll down the page to the 15 book series.
5.)  Choose "Life, Earth, or Physical".
6.)  Click on the online student edition and choose "Full Version".
7.)  Type in the username and password and click submit. 
8.)  The following is a list of the usernames and passwords for the textbooks.

Book Letter   Book Title                         Username                Password

A                    Life’s Structure                    LSF                    v4s8u6reLa
B                    From Bacteria to Plants       FBP                 Wrez9CeZ6c
C                Animal Diversity                  AD                    wru5UR9dEt
D                    Human Body Systems          HBS                  sTapha2R2S
E                    Ecology                                  ECOLOGY       crAh63umeW
Earth Materials                   EMP                Pr5ratru3U
G                   The Changing Earth            CSE                    seCa5rAdr7
H                    The Water Planet                  WP                     3HacRuDrav
I                      The Air Around You              AAY                   ChA7UB9S5e
J                      Astronomy                             ASTRONOMY  k7nu3E4ekE
K                     The Nature of Matter          NOM                  
L                     Chemistry                             CHEMISTRY     prUd8sTace
                 Motion, Forces, and Energy MFE                   s5p6a8ethE
N                    Electricity and Magnetism    EM                     Q2c3uthAg4
O                    Waves, Sound, and Light       WSL                   xAvupAx4ze